With over 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising sales and customer service, including 11 years as a partner in an advertising agency, I have the necessary professionalism and in-depth knowledge of client needs, two highly sought-after skills by business people and organizations.

My mandate consists of promoting your business or your product. I place my marketing expertise at the service of your administration and my work covers everything from the creation of the communication concept to its media dissemination. Using my extensive experience and proven know-how I am able to make a concrete and distinctive contribution to the commercial success of your enterprise.

Anne Dumas, B.A.V.
Marketing strategy and logistics specialist



A N N E   D U M A S

Anne personally coordinates every aspect of your corporate or product marketing. The planning, strategy and management of conventional or multimedia marketing by a highly specialized team represents the highest expression of the art of marketing!

andre-pettigrew-DumasMarketA N D R É   P E T T I G R E W
Technology marketing, communication and creation strategist
A rich, varied and substantial experience acquired over 25 years of working in the field, including 15 years in an advertising agency, has made André Pettigrew a real virtuoso in creative communication strategies. André was part of the first wave of Internet professionals in the 1990s. His work has been widely acclaimed, having been one of the first forward thinkers to use 3D technology in TV advertising, among others. Creator, technology developer and generator of new original ideas, André is first and foremost an analyst of intelligent marketing.

Martin-Cloutier-Dumas-MarkeM A R T I N   C L O U T I E R
Technology specialist, programmer analyst and developer
Martin Cloutier has worked in the field of the Internet and programming for more than 20 years. After training in C++, he specialized in emerging technologies. Over the years, he mastered PHP/MYSQL, LDAP, Java, C++, OPEN GL, PERL, PHP, Javascript, 4D, Windows, Linux, Phone Gap, Android, Iphone, applications, dynamic websites and programming. His expert knowledge of Linux systems and servers are a result of his incessant quest for staying abreast of the latest technologies, a dedication that sets him apart from other experts in his field.

DM-SDesmaraisS O P H I E   D E S M A R A I S
Project coordinator
In addition to her 25 years of experience in project coordination, Sophie brings a great sense of organization, exceptional speed of understanding and execution, and highly developed computer skills. A major asset for orchestrating our many ongoing projects and advertising schedules!

aDM-CAngers2C L A U D E   A N G E R S
Photographer, brand image specialist
As a seasoned photographer specializing in brand image, Claude Angers has a special knack for exceeding expectations in all our mandates. Working as a company executive for several years, he used his exceptional creativity and analytical understanding of the business environment to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and business people wanting to stand out from the competition. Regardless of the industry sector, Claude uses powerful images to convey the strengths of his subject in a classic, lifestyle or artistic manner. The essence of his work is always to maximize above all the efficiency of our messages.

aDM-DCaronD A N I E L   C A R O N
Reviser – Translator – Department Leader
Daniel has over 25 years of experience in writing, revision and translation. He has worked successively as a researcher, a professor of French, a speechwriter, an information/liaison officer, a freelance journalist and a translator. Passionate about the written word, Daniel is primarily a linguist concerned with the quality of all the copy he works on. His in-depth knowledge of French, his language skills in general and his passion for finding the right words are major assets that make his work and his collaboration an indispensable element within our team.




My expertise covers the entire field of marketing as it relates to the products and services of your enterprise, from the preparation and management of your budgets to the final advertising schedule of dissemination. It’s as if you hired your own marketing manager but without the hiring fees!

Together, we discuss your objectives before determining the budgets needed for the implementation and success of your vision. It is then a question of elaborating the proposed strategies and establishing the implementation timetable.

My work covers the entire orchestration of the adapted planning process, from the complete management of your advertising investment, including the production, coordination and harmonization of themes between media, up to the analysis of results and the final report at the end of our mandate.


The outsourcing of your marketing strategy
is an advantageous solution for effective results!



Complete management of the marketing department. Marketing strategy development: coordination and management of advertising budgets on an annual basis.

Preparation and development of Internet or conventional marketing campaigns.

Coordination of all the operations relating to a campaign: Web, QR codes, radio spots, magazine/newspaper ads and others.

Design and production of corporate documentation, advertising articles and DVDS.

Writing and dissemination of enterprise advertising for specialized magazines and professional associations, composition and correction of French copy. French or English translation.

Orchestration with suppliers, computer graphics, printing and others.



Animation of Web communities on an annual basis, social network campaigns, account creation, corporate profile/image optimization on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

Design, production and management of websites, pages, and mobile applications. Strategic Web analysis and architecture, responsive Web design, cybermarketing, QR codes and mobile marketing.

Strategic programming of Meta Tags, local indexing, appropriation of Google Places, advertising positioning with Google AdWords.

Banner advertising based on behavioral targeting.

Writing and dissemination of advertising on the Web using mobile applications and QR codes.